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Belize Bicycle Inc. - Canada (En)

Welcome to the Belize Bicycle site for Canada

We are an importer, manufacturer and distributor of adult tricycles, tandem tricycles, electric bicycles, power assist tricycles, electric trikes, industrial trikes, cargo bikes and trikes, folding electric bikes, trikes, tandem bicycles, electric hub motor kits and push and kick scooters.

Our Tri-Rider tricycle range is very extensive and starts with a 16" tricycle, three 20" wheel tricycles including our new Buddy Trike, which is wonderful for carrying a couple of kids, and several models of 24" wheel tricycles in six speed. For business use we carry two models of heavy duty industrial type tricycles both single speed and three speeds. Similar to the Industrial, we carry cargo bikes and trikes that offer a larger storage space.  A front electric hub motor can be added to the trikes and we also have some tricycles that come already electric.

Recently we began selling a few models of recumbent tricycles, the R-2 and R-3 as well as the TW Bents. The recumbent tricycle offers a low center of gravity and high performance.

In our wide range of push scooters we have the small stunt scooters from Baad Rad and Razor as well as big wheel scooters in 12", 16" and 20" wheel sizes. The Toucan 20 has become very popular by riders who attach their dog or dogs to a tug cord and enjoy the sport of dog-scooter riding.

We also carry some specialty products including tricycles for special needs and a small folding tricycle called the CarryAll which is ideal for transporting on a boat, camper or small plane.

We are open for business and look forward to serving you.

Belize Bicycle uses various registered trade mark names for its products including Tri-Rider for trikes, Toucan for scooters, E-Rider for electric bicycles, Porta-bike for folding bicycles, E-Ped for electric motor kits, Twin-Rider tandems. The Handy, Micah and 2Rider are Pacific Cycles trademarks. We also distribute Razor folding scooters, Twin Tri-Rider tandem tricycles. Cool e-Rider by Justwin and Elek-Trike electric assist adult tricycles.

Product Lineup:
Adult tricycle, youth tricycle, children's tricycle, special needs tricycle, electric tricycle, electric bicycle, folding bicycle, tandem bicycle, tandem tricycle, push scooter, dog scooter, industrial tricycle, cargo tricycle, cargo bicycle, quad cycle and electric hub motor kit.

Belize Bicycle sells to retail bicycle and scooter dealers in Canada. Dealer inquiries are welcome from bicycle stores, sporting goods stores and small engine shops. The Canadian suggested retail prices do not include the dealer preparation charges and shipping. For American clients and other non Canadian clients please refer to our U.S.A. site.

For the address of your local dealer in Canada you can look in our "Retailers" or "Retailers by Area Code" tab on the left or send us an e-mail. Click on the product section on the left or below for more details.


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Toucan 20 ------------ Toucan 20 S---------- Toucan 16
Toucan 20 inch Dogscooter Toucan 20 Suspension/Disk Brake Dogscooter Toucan 16 inch Dogscooter
Toucan 12 - Baad Rad Stunt Scooter - Razor E-100
Toucan 12 inch Baad Rad Stunt Scooter Razor E-100 Electric Scooter

Stepper Bikes

Brizon WingFlyer W16 --------- Brizon StepWing 20 T3
Toucan 20 inch Dogscooter 99166 WingFlyer W16 yellow


Tri-Rider Industrial -- Comfort Tri-Rider --- Tri-Rider Deluxe
Tri-Rider Industrial Comfort Tri Rider Tri Rider Deluxe
Capri ---------- Tri-Rider 24
Capri Tri Rider 24
Tri-Rider 20 --------- Tri-Rider 20 Fat Trike --------- Tri-Rider 16
Tri Rider 20 Tri-Rider 20 Fat Trike Tri Rider 16

Cargo Bicycles/Tricycles

Cargo Trike ------ Electric Cargo Trike
Transporter Cargo Trike Transporter Cargo E-Trike
Cargo Bike ------ Electric Cargo Bike
Transporter Cargo Bike Transporter Cargo E-Bike


Honda Electric Bicycle ------------- Electric Fat Bikes
Honda Electric Bicycle Baad Rad Electric Fat Bike Scout Electric Fat Bike
Tri-Rider Elek Trike ------ e-Trike Li ------ Electric Hub Kits
TriRider Elek Trike Elek Trike LT Electric Hub Kits
20" Electric Folding Bike - 26" Electric Folding Bike
Folding 20 inch Electric Bicycles Folding 26 inch Electric Bicycles


TwinRider Tandem -- Tandem Tri-Rider
TwinRider Tandem Tandem Tri-Rider
Buddy Trike  --------- Two Rider

Buddy Trike Quad Cycle Two Rider


Tri-Rider R-2/R-3 ----- TW-Bents Artifice ----- TW-Bents Cobra
Tri-Rider R-1 TW-Bents Artifice TW-Bents Cobra