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Industrial and Cargo Trikes and Bikes

Industrial and Cargo bicycles and tricycles are designed to carry large or heavy loads. The compact design of the transporter bicycles and tricycles offer a smooth drive for the rider.

Our heavy duty tricycles called the "Industrial", are available for commercial users and for people who want an extra tough trike. The model 96442 is a single speed and the 96443 is a three speed version.

Cargo tricycles offer a larger cargo space with a loading weight of up to 150 kg. The cargo box may be used to transport pets or small children. We offer a standard non-electric model 91000 and the electric model 92000 that includes a built-in battery and motor.

Our cargo bicycles have a smaller cargo space with a maximum loading weight of 150 kg. Our cargo bike selection includes the non-electric model 41000 and the electric model 42000 that has a 36V 14.5AH battery.

For more information and prices on the different tricycles and bicycles click on the pictures on the right.

Tri-Rider Industrial

Tri-Rider Industrial

Cargo Trike

Transporter Cargo Trike

Electric Cargo Trike

Transporter Cargo E-Trike

Cargo Bike

Transporter Cargo Bike

Electric Cargo Bike

Transporter Cargo E-Bike